Top Brands in Auto-Tuning Parts

There are many different brands in the racing and the high-performance car industry. The brands on this list have specific focus points on different parts of high-performance cars. For the ultimate performance and durability, these brands are recommended for peace of mind and great performance.

This guide provides detail on the most reliable and trustworthy brands that are used in various high-performance vehicles to maximise their performance on track and the road.


APR offers almost any type of performance part you might be interested in, including engine internals, turbos, wheels, bake upgrades, cooling solutions, and transmission upgrades. Their products are though mainly focused on German car manufacturer brands such as VW and Audi, with a special focus on performance parts that will give you the tuning level you need from most online vehicle parts stores.


Akrapovic is known as the British king of exhaust systems. The manufacturer has been preferred for aftermarket exhausts for brands such as BMW. With a focus on racing, their exhaust systems are inspired by race cars, yet they cater for road cars. These exhausts are designed to not only improve performance but also make the car sound like it. Give your car a voice and performance by tuning it with an Akrapovic exhaust.

M A Carbon

M A Carbon is not just any brand that wants to improve your car’s performance, although they provide some of the best-selling products. They offer tuners carbon fibre parts for a variety of brands that will make any car look like a brand-new car inside. Whether looking for carbon fibre steering wheel trimming parts, M A Carbon has everything imaginable for interior trimming. Even with high-end car-heated seats, you can go carbon.

Tarett Engineering

It’s not all about the engine and horsepower, suspension needs to be able to handle all that power. Tarett Engineering offers race-ready suspension and mainly focuses on Porsche. Whether a professional racer, amateur, or just wants great suspension, Tarett Engineering got the best suspension to use with any Porsche. They also design custom suspension packages to fit any car. Get custom suspension that meets your own safety and build requirements.

By investing in buying car parts from any of the brands mentioned on this list, you can have peace of mind in having the best quality in your prized position.