Best Automotive Tuners in the UK

Engine tuning is an essential part of maintaining and improving the power and performance of a vehicle. When looking at a career in racing or wanting to start getting into the amateur sector of racing, tuning can help to give you great performance from any car.

These engine tuners are well known for providing excellent service.

Cosworth – Cambridge, Northampton

Whether you’re a race car driver or a private car owner who just wants more performance, Cosworth has a passion for tuning cars to be at their top performance level. In 2010 the company partnered with Subaru when they succeeded in increasing the Subaru Impreza modes power by 33%. They believe in tradition and have stuck to their motorsport heritage with projects that range throughout history.

They also provide services of aftermarket road and track performance for private car owners.

Superchips – Nationwide

Superchips have been remapping and tuning since 1977. They thrive with straightforward engine remapping that makes a big difference in performance. You don’t need a supercar to make use of their services as their client base has a variety of different performance-level cars.

They can even help customers with a VW Golf GTI to raise their horsepower from 216hp to 246hp.

Mountune  –  Essex

Mountune is based in Essex and provides a wide variety of performance services but specialises in upgrading ford focus and fiesta models to the best of their capabilities. Mountune is the official supplier of Fiesta ST Performance Kit on the new models, which has pushed the horsepower up from 180bhp to 212 bhp.

Prindiville – London

Prindiville is based in London. If you have a high-end supercar, this is where you take it. They specialise in oud and one-off modifications for high-end supercars. Some of their services include body kits, performance parts and engine tuning. They stick to high-end model supercars such as Aston MartinDB9 and Ferrari 458 that need performance maintenance, tuning, and body modifications.

For the ultimate quality workmanship and performance form a car, these engine tuning companies can assist in the best results. Get the best performance for your next racing project from any of these tuners.